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A three-way split color photograph of a truck accident, bus accident and a metro accident.

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Truck, Metro and Bus Accidents

California is one of the most populous states in the US and has a vast network of transportation systems that includes trucks, metro, and buses. Unfortunately, accidents involving these vehicles are not uncommon. The state has witnessed several truck accidents, with many of them resulting in severe injuries or fatalities. The high volume of traffic on the state's highways coupled with the long hours truck drivers work, sometimes in dangerous conditions, increases the likelihood of accidents. Similarly, metro accidents, although less frequent, have caused serious injuries and even deaths. The state's bustling cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego have extensive bus systems, and accidents involving buses have occurred, sometimes resulting in multiple casualties. To mitigate these accidents, authorities in the state have implemented measures such as increased safety regulations, regular inspections, and training programs for drivers. These types of accidents often involve Commercial, City, State or Federal claim process. There are unique rules and regulations that apply to these types of claims. Law Offices of Garret A. Lungin has the experience, resources and expertise in handling these types of claims. Go with the pros and get the compensation you deserve.

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